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At Grupo IGS we have the capacity and infrastructure necessary to attend the most demanding projects, complying with the highest quality standards.

Creativity, innovation, quality, uniformity and service are the five pillars on which the company is based. Our rigorous work ethic is a quality that is reflected in each of our products.

We have an exceptional logistics and import service without intermediaries to satisfy customer needs with our top quality products.
that are distributed throughout the national and international territory. 


Our mission

We are a corporate where we provide the best solutions to meet the needs of the markets in which we participate, driven by the talent of our people through cutting-edge projects and above all committed to our values, our people, our social responsibility and with the environment, which leads us to maximize the creation of  value to our partners and customers.

Our vision

At the IGS group we want to provide comprehensive sustainable solutions worldwide in terms of efficiency and profitability in the sectors in which we participate, with an orientation towards people and their comprehensive development, guaranteeing the growth, modernity and sustainability of our operations.


1. Quality

We realize that by complying with the quality parameters  we can offer durability, comfort and safety to our customers. We believe that quality can not only be seen in our products but also identifies us in our commitments.


2. Punctuality in delivery dates

Bring our clients their projects at the right time and under the planned requirements. We continue working to be the first to give value to the customer's economy within the competitive market, who invites us to be increasingly better in our processes,

3. Initiative

Continue innovating in all our production processes to obtain excellent value in the development of the product that we share with our customers.

4. My participation in the Sustainable Supply

Carry out operations responsibly to protect the environment and maintain safe work spaces.  In our company, the application and respect of the code of conduct is essential for the care of the environment.

5. Profitability

After satisfying the wishes of our clients, it is the responsibility of our company to create the economic impact for our families and collaborators.


At Grupo IGS we are committed to working for a better world and a sustainable quality of life, in addition to innovating to leave our environmental footprint. We will continue expanding this positive impact through our 3 pillars of action: well-being  and health, shared value and the environment.

Thanks to the effort and dedication of each member of our company, we have progressed towards a more sustainable company.


We work to create and share value for responsible development andsustainable of our environment and healthy life.


We promote safety to build a sustainable, highly productive and fully humane company.


— Name, Title

Our actions lead us to  take care, preserve and renew the medium

environment, because we work for a better future.


"Because you are part of our philosophy 
thanks you"

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